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Editor's introduction by Robert SilverbergEdit

  • pg 21-22
    1. Silverberg refers to "The Dark Man" several times in his introduction. The proper name for Walter should have been "the man in black", as he is called in "The Gunslinger".
    2. Silverberg repeatedly misspells the name of the character Susannah as "Suzannah".
    3. Silverberg calls the leader of "a cult thriving in the ruins of a crumbling city", Flagg. The name Flagg was never used in "The Waste Lands". The actual leader was Tick-Tock Man (ch pg).

Part I - Full Earth. The Empty Town. The Bells. The Dead Boy. The Overturned Wagon. The Green Folk.Edit

  • pg 32
    1. (Firearm errors) Roland thumbed back the trigger of his revolver.
      • To prep a revolver for firing, you manipulate the hammer into a cocked position not the trigger.
      • From a normal grip your thumb can't even reach the trigger.
      • King makes these same errors in Misery, The Stand, and Wizard and Glass.

Part III - Five Sisters. Jenna. The Doctors of Eluria. The Medallion. A Promise of Silence.Edit

  • pg 43
    1. "Rhea of the Coos" should be spelled "Cöos".

Part V - Sister Mary. A Message. A Visit from Ralph. Norman's Fate. Sister Mary Again.Edit

  • pg 63
    1. The sentence
"Why, it was we nursed Jenna back to health after her mother was nothing but dirt in the breeze the blows out toward End-World,".
Should read
"Why, it was we who nursed Jenna back to health after her mother was nothing but dirt in the breeze that blows out toward End-World,".

Part VI - Jenna. Sister Coquina. Tamra, Michela, Louise. The Cross-Dog. What Happened in the Sage.Edit

  • pg 87
    1. Near the end, we read "Roland sat down on the ground and put his hands over his face. He thought he might weep, but in time the urge passed; when he raised his head again, his eyes were as dry as the desert he would eventually come to, still following the trail of Walter, the man in black.". Not only is naming Walter here -and in the Author's Note- a bit of a spoiler for those reading the books according to the in-world time-line, it also makes it appear that Roland knows Walter is the man in black. However in "The Gunslinger (The Gunslinger and the Darkman, pg 213), he is surprised when Walter reveals himself. "Walter, the gunslinger whispered. You... you're not Marten at all. You're Walter!" and a few lines later " 'Walter', the gunslinger repeated, stunned."
  • pg 88
    1. The sentence
"He smoked it down to a glowing roach, looking at her empty clothes the while,"
Should read
"He smoked it down to a glowing roach, looking at her empty clothes all the while,".

( Note: All page numbers are from the Tor "Legends" hardcover, unless otherwise noted. )

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