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  • pg. 14
    1. The werewolf's eyes are described "…its yellow eyes blazing…". In July (pg. 70) -and from here on- the werewolf's eyes are green. Interesting note, all pictures do show the werewolf with green eyes, except pg. 78 where the eyes have yellow irises and green sclera.


  • pg. 80-81
    1. The werewolf reached through the window of Constable Lander Neary's Dodge pick-up. But on page 81 it says that the werewolf yanked him half out of the Ford pick-up's cab.


  • pg. 120
    1. (Firearm errors) We read "There is a gun in Marty's lap, a .38 Colt Woodsman.". Colt did make a Woodsman model, but it was a .22 semi-automatic.

( Note: All page numbers are from the Signet Special paperback, unless otherwise noted. )

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